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Concerned you may know an ICE employee?

Use this helpful app to check. Just point your camera and press the photo button. We'll check against hundreds of ICE employee photos from LinkedIn and show you the closest match.

How does this work?

First we downloaded hundreds of ICE employee photos from LinkedIn. Then we uploaded them to Microsoft's Cognitive Services Face API for face recognition. When you take a photo we send it to Microsoft and request the most similar-looking employee. This app is designed to highlight and embarrass the organization committing atrocities against refugees and immigrants to the United States. Additionally, Microsoft has a $19M contract with ICE providing them with face recognition and other technology, so it's also an opportunity to embarrass Microsoft.

Why did you make this?

To show that ICE isn't some secret organization operating in the shadows. They're made of people who look like us and our neighbors, from every race and class, working in human resources, as IT technicians, nurses, or legal advisors. And their entire operation has been weaponized by the current administration to ignore international human rights law and create a humanitarian crisis that will leave a lasting scar on thousands of children and families.

Why are you targeting individuals at ICE? Aren't they just doing their job?

Evil is built on the back of people in boring jobs "just following orders": providing the infrastructure for guards to cage children or sexually abuse detainees. Now more than ever we need to follow our inner moral compass and avoid blindly falling in step. Even some ICE employees handling investigations into human smuggling or weapons trafficking recognize this, and they've asked to break away from the part of the organization handling deportation.

Why are you targeting Microsoft? Don't they just build technology?

The tech industry embraces the narrative that they "just build tools", and it's not their responsibility how those tools are used or abused. Recently, employees at Google have rejected this apathy by organizing to force their employer to not renew it's "Project Maven" drone surveillance contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. Microsoft employees have been trying to accomplish something similar: disrupting their employer's ongoing work with ICE. Unfortunately Microsoft responded that they are only "dismayed by the forcible separation of children from their families". At this point, any ongoing collaboration is effectively a full endorsement.

Can I use this to harass ICE employees?

You can't. There is no additional useful information beyond what is self-reported on LinkedIn, and threatening federal employees is a felony. Besides, ICE is already busy threatening its own employees for talking about the organization.

Then what can I do?

Talk to your representatives about abolishing ICE. If you work at a company that contracts for ICE, make your opposition heard. Microsoft isn't the only company contracting with ICE: HP signed a $76 million contract, Dell $22 million, Motorola $15 million.

I am an ICE employee and I want you to remove my picture.

Please send an email confirming your identity.

Who are you?

An American artist and software developer based in Los Angeles who believes that technology is never neutral, but shaped by those who craft and wield it — and that we have a responsibility to hold them accountable.